simplifying is about letting go.

we want to let go of whatever is no longer serving us. 
by hanging on to old energy, we only lower our frequency. 
to stay strong + vibrant + to pursue the life of our dreams, we need to prioritise embracing positive energy so we can lift ourselves higher. this is how we can take on whatever is coming our way + to pursue a better life.

simplifying isn’t about depriving ourselves of anything – it is an act of self-care. we want to let go of things that harm us energetically. in doing so, we make space for quality experiences, things that invigorate us / motivate us / lift us higher.

we simplify to reduce or remove minus activities from our lives to give ourselves more energy to indulge in plus activities.



simplify when you want to …


if you easily feel overwhelmed, you want to simplify to focus on quality experiences rather than quantity.
maybe you’re an HSP (a highly sensitive person) who easily gets overwhelmed by too many + too intense stimuli. to prevent yourself from constantly feeling drained, you want to prioritise less over more to create more harmony in your life.
if you’re experiencing stress / burn-out / fatigue, you might want to simplify to let go of burdens to gain more energy + get back to truly enjoying life.



the law of attraction tells us that what we focus on, we will attract. if we have a specific dream we want to manifest, we need to give our full attention to this for it to come true. if we have too much going on in our lives, our attention is scattered all over the place. we will most likely end up attracting lots of random things. by letting go of distractions, we intensify our intention.



we all want to live happy + fulfilling lives. to do that, we need to understand our own needs + wants instead of being dictated or persuaded by others. rather than caring about what other people think or how they live their lives, we need to find our own path. 

when we let go of external distractions, we make it easier to go inside + answer questions like what is important to me ? what do want ? what do I need ? what makes me happy ? what makes me shine + feel alive ? 

asking ourselves questions like these allows us to be guided by our instincts + intuition. our bodies + higher selves know what is best for us. relying on this guidance puts us in charge of our own lives. when we rely on internal guidance, rather than turning externally for this, it’s easier to create harmony in our lives.



when we let go of what no longer serves us, there are fewer distractions + annoyances. we are left with quality experiences, whatever is truly important to us. it’s easier to feel more at peace + enjoy the quiet.



if we spend too much time rushing around trying to do too much, we will benefit from learning to put quality before quantity. having less on our schedule can help us slow downbecome more mindful / truly enjoy life. 



whenever we let go of anything,
we create a void
for new opportunities + prosperities to come our way. 

with fewer distractions in our lives, it’s easier to embrace a fresh start. maybe we want a new career / better health / a new relationship / a change of scenery etc. or, if we’ve had lots of things holding us down for a while, we might just feel an urge to be free.



when letting go of what’s holding you down, you let go of negative energy, so you will automatically raise your vibration.
when you lift yourself higher, you also become an inspiration to others. you encourage others to be the highest version of themselves. this will have a ripple effect + ultimately raise the vibration of the entire planet, something we will all benefit from.



when deciding what you want (or need) to let go of, focus on how things + people make you feel. the goal is to make yourself feel lighter, so think about anything that might be holding you down or back from living the life you’re dreaming of. it might be physical belongings / thoughts + beliefs / people / certain situations / activities + tasks / a job etc. aim to get rid of anything that doesn’t align with the person you want to be. 

or maybe it’s just the quantity of it all. perhaps you just need to (temporarily) let go of some things to bring back the joy in others. 

your focus should be to lift yourself higher, not make other people feel good or live up to their expectations. you are here to live your lifeso you have to look out for yourself first ! 

and because you are eliminating something right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to stay that way forever. focus on what needs you have in this moment. once you feel more uplifted + energised, you might want to re-evaluate whether you want these activities / people back in your life or not.



sometimes letting go of non-supportive thoughts + old belief systems can be what we need to live a more fulfilling + happy life. 
maybe we tend to focus too much on external matters in life + set a too high standard for ourselves. to enjoy life + feel more at peace, we should learn to live more in the moment by listening to our instincts + intuition. get into the habit of asking yourself, “what do I feel like doing right now ?”

ways to simplify your thoughts + belief systems :



if you feel that too much is going on, learn to prioritise quality above quantity. take your time to do one thing properly + have fun while doing it, rather than rushing through a to-do list, trying to get things done for the sake of it. basically, focus more on what you feel like doing rather than what you think you should be doing. 
this way, you also bring more positivity into your life. your life will flow more harmoniously + it will be easier to attract your dream life.

ways to simplify your everyday life :



William Morris said it so wisely :

“have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful
or believe to be beautiful.”

according to feng shui principles, clutter create stagnant energy that also affects our lives + health.  

prioritising time to purge our homes can be a beneficial way of inviting fresh energy into our lives. it can make us feel less overwhelmed + more at peace. with fresh energy also comes new opportunities + prosperities. 

because something served a purpose for you in the past, it doesn’t mean it continues to do so today or that it will in the future. you are constantly evolving into a new person, so you should also adjust your surroundings accordingly. 

ways to simplify your belongings :

  • recycle / donate / sell what you no longer use or need, that is, everything you haven’t used / worn recently
  • bin whatever is broken that can’t be fixed



we might be hanging out with people out of habit, especially if they are close ones. but because we felt drawn to certain people at one point in our lives, it doesn’t mean the relationship continues to give us something today. 
you are put on this planet to be the best version of yourself. if you surround yourself with people who don’t support you, they will only hinder your journey. 
this includes work relationships. if you find yourself in a draining working environment, it might be because you don’t share the same values (anymore). it would be wise to find a place that better support the direction you are heading. 

ways to simplify your relationships :

  • prioritise more me-time
  • spend more time with like-minded people
  • spend less time with unsupportive people or in unsupportive environments – or eliminate these from your life completely




because something served a purpose at some point in our lives, it doesn’t mean it continues to do so today or that it will in the future. we are a completely different person today. 

rather than hanging on to something for the sake of it, we should celebrate the purpose it served us + be grateful for how it helped shape the person we are today. 

by doing so, we celebrate the flow of life. to grow, we need to learn to both embrace the new + let go of the old. 

this is how we rise to a higher level of consciousness. 


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