if you easily feel overwhelmed or are experiencing stress, mindfulness can help you slow down the pace of life + create space for yourself to breathe. 

mindfulness forces us to live in the moment + accept what is happening right now. 

more precisely, mindfulness means :

1. becoming aware of what’s going on in the present moment
(both inside + outside of ourselves).

2. accepting this in a non-judgemental way.



the goal of mindfulness is to learn to slow down / be more present / more aware
we want to slow down our pace to truly be aware of what’s going on around us + within us in this exact moment. it’s only right now that we can deal with our minds + our lives. not while reliving past events or worrying about the future. 

when we become more aware of what’s going on (both internally + externally), it’s easier to take charge of our lives rather than letting life happen to us. 
becoming aware of our thoughts / emotions / beliefs / actions makes it easier to change or improve them to attract a better future for ourselves.  

when we learn to slow down, we relax more. we notice the messages / sensations of our bodies. meaning we get better at listening to our instincts.

slowing down + becoming more aware helps us reduce stress cause we are no longer on autopilot. instead of letting external matters drive us, we listen to our inner sensations and act accordingly. 

when we get into the habit of being more present, we start noticing things we previously didn’t. maybe they were not part of our awareness because we were rushing around too much, or they were things we tended to take for granted. we become grateful for these tiny miracles, which lifts our spirit. we become more positive / appreciate the present moment / enjoy life more. we adopt a positive mindset + set positive intentions. all this makes us raise our vibration (which has lots of incredible side effects on its own).

since we will always attract what is vibrating at the same frequency as ourselves, we attract (more) amazingness into life (some will even call them miracles).



there’s a couple of elements that can be helpful to master + understand when we aim to become more mindful.


one aspect of mindfulness is to become more aware. to become more aware, we need to learn to slow down. when we’re rushing around on autopilot, we are anything but aware. being aware means being in such a peaceful state that we can listen to our body + its sensations, and we also know what’s going on in our minds, what we are thinking.
once we become more aware, it becomes easier to change or improve what doesn’t align with the person we want to be or the life we want to live.  

I had to learn to slow down the hard way myself. when suffering from stress, I didn’t really have much choice. my body would protest (ache) every time I tried to do too much at one time. it would give me lots of nudges as hints that now it’s time to relax + slow down, not to be productive. it took a bit getting used to, but now I’m grateful for how my body communicates with me. it made me realise what a great tool it is in guiding me in the right direction + how wrong I was in trusting my brain to do this for me.

if you find yourself rushing around too much + feel the need to slow down, here’s a couple of tools that can help you on the way.


mindful meditation. 

getting into the routine of meditating is one way of slowing down + embracing mindfulness. during this mindful meditation, we want to be aware of our thoughts. more precisely, we want to accept them in a non-judgemental way. we don’t want to ponder them, only accept that they are there and gently send them away. our focus is on our breathing. 

  1. you want to find a quiet place where you won’t get disturbed.
  2. sit comfortably with a straight spine. you can sit on the floor or in a chair with feet planted firmly on the floor – it’s totally up to you.
  3. rest your palms on your lap.
  4. close your eyes + take a deep breath. relax. 
  5. start becoming aware of your natural breathing. notice the rise + fall of your chest with each inhale + exhale and how your belly expands + contracts. whenever a thought is coming (and it will !), just acknowledge that it’s there + gently send it away. get back to your breathing. I find it easier to stay focused when I count my breathing. 
  6. any meditation will have the best result if you practise it regularly (daily). start with 10 minutes, maybe even twice a day if you feel the need.

you can also listen to a guided meditation if you find that easier. 


mindful walking :

if you find yourself too restless to do a sitting meditation, you can choose to practice mindfulness when you walk. you can walk indoors in the comfort of your own home or outside. if you find a beautiful spot in nature, you can even walk barefoot. walking barefoot has the extra advantage of connecting you with the earth’s frequency, which will relax + soothe you even more. 

in mindful walking, the focus is to pay attention to the experience of walking – it’s not about getting from A to B as quickly as possible. 

  1. start walking at a slow, steady pace. become aware of your breathing.
  2. pay attention to your steps. how do your feet feel against the ground ?
  3. if your mind starts wandering, bring yourself back by repeating “left, right” while walking. 
  4. what are the sensations in your body while walking ? what does it feel like being right here right now ? 
  5. start taking in your surroundings. what can you see ? hear ? can you smell anything ? don’t force yourself to notice anything; just enjoy + appreciate what you observe. 
  6. notice how your body responds to these senses + how it makes you feel. notice the changes in your body due to this.
  7. observe + enjoy this without any judgement. 


do what you love.

when you spend time doing something you love (plus activities), you feel comfortable, so you relax, and you find yourself slowing down. when we genuinely enjoy something, we want the experience to last as long as possible. we want to immerse ourselves in the moment fully. this is also a way of embracing mindfulness.



another aspect of mindfulness is to practise non-judgement. I believe this is easier when we understand that what is happening to us right now is exactly what needs to happen right now. 
life isn’t a coincidence. everything happens for a reason. 

there are two aspects to this :

A. you have put yourself in this spot (THE LAW OF ATTRACTION)
B. you have lessons to learn by staying here (YOUR LIFE SCRIPT)


A. the law of attraction.

the law of attraction tells us that what we focus on, we will attract. more precisely, our thoughts / emotions / beliefs / actions dictate what we get in life. a positive attitude + actions give us more of the good stuff. with a negative attitude + actions, we create a rougher environment for ourselves. 
it’s basically up to us what we want. through our free will, we create our own lives. if we are aware (conscious) while creating, it’s easier to get what we want. if we are unconscious, we will attract seemingly random events + people into our lives.  

when we’re not aware of the law of attraction + not using it to our advantage, we tend to see ourselves as victims. we think life is happening to us. we blame others + feel sorry for ourselves. in the process, we attract more negativity + make ourselves feel even worse. 

to change the direction of our lives, we need to take charge of our own lives. we need to become more aware. 


B. your life script.

we are all on a spiritual path in life. this path includes specific lessons that need to be learned.
whatever you experience right now is here to help you grow / push you further / expand you to the greatest you. we are all here to become so much more than when we first started this journey. 

we started this life with a specific life script. 
this life script tells us what karma (both good + bad) + life lessons we have chosen to face in this lifetime. when we complete a lesson, we rise to a higher level of consciousness, which is our true purpose. 

I believe we all have some negative karma to work out in this life. and some have decided to take on more than others. 
to live life mindfully, we need to accept this. we need to embrace the challenges we are faced with + do the best job we can. without judging ourselves or others too harshly. 
running away from our lessons will not help our spiritual journey since we will only have to face that same challenge again + again until we finally learn the lesson.  




life seems more magical when we learn to slow down + live more mindfully.
we feel more robust + open-minded.
more in harmony.

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