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in a way, I’m lucky to have had a crappy childhood. when we don’t feel safe and secure in the physical world (our lower chakras are not balanced), we escape to the higher chakras of spirituality. since we are stuck on this planet until we learn our lessons, we demand to feel at home somewhere. 

I was 12 when I made this jump, and suddenly a whole new world opened up. I now understood there was a deeper reason for my being here – I had lessons to learn and karma to work out. 

living consciously on the spiritual plane is by no means better than living on the physical plane. like any other area of life, we want to create a balance. in my case, it wasn’t until I experienced stress and burnout, I realised how important it is to listen to the messages of your body as well, not just rely on your intuition to guide you through life. 

the good thing about having a spiritual point of view is that you understand that everything happens for a reason. you know there is no point in feeling sorry for yourself or blaming others (though it took me a while to forgive my parents). when we understand there’s a deeper reason for life, especially our struggles, it’s easier to adopt a positive mindset. you understand you’re on a mission, so you want to do your best job. in the end, you will only hurt yourself if you don’t. 

with a negative mindset, we only sink lower and attract more negativity. we find ourselves in constant misery, thinking we are cursed and that everyone is after us. life seems heavier than it needs to be.


luckily, we are given free will.
we are free to choose our perspective of life –
do we want to be a victim or in charge of our own life ? 


do you want to live happily ever after (and fulfil your mission in this lifetime), or do you want to feel miserable ? it’s up to you ! at every second of the day, you have the power to make a different choice and turn your life around completely.

I started simplifying my life to prevent negative energy from taking over, and I learned some lessons on my way.



  1. live in the moment – the past doesn’t exist anymore, and the future hasn’t happened yet. instead of regretting the past or worrying about the future, use your past experiences to set intentions for your future. 
  2. set an intention – of what you want to feel. make this intention into an affirmation that you repeat out loud several times a day. 
  3. accept that whatever is happening in your life right now is precisely what needs to happen right now – your life script is pulling the strings, not your ego.
  4. understand challenges are lessons that need to be mastered in life – if you just run away from them, you will face the same type of challenging people and the same difficult situations again and again till you finally get it. 
  5. be true to yourself and others – you are only hurting yourself in the long run if you don’t
  6. let go of the illusion that life is about getting something – focus on giving (both to yourself and others), and suddenly you will receive more of this.
  7. let go of expectations – because your ego wants something, it doesn’t mean this is best for your higher self and your soul journey.  
  8. practise self-care and self-love – you can’t pour from an empty cup, and you have to love yourself before you can start receiving love. 
  9. follow your heart rather than your brain – it will lead you to joy by encouraging you to do what you love, follow your bliss, do what makes you feel alive etc.  
  10. embrace love rather than fear – knowing that whatever you focus on, you will attract more of. love is a high-vibrational emotion that draws more amazingness into our lives; fear is low-vibrational energy that encourages hopelessness and pessimism.
  11. look for wonders in your everyday life and be grateful for these – your heart will grow, and you will constantly discover and experience new miracles.
  12. face your demons – they are not here to harm you but to make you whole (do some shadow work !). 
  13. trust yourself – you have all the answers within, no need to compare yourself to others or look for answers outwardly.
  14. follow your dreams – this is your higher self / the universe guiding you to your right path.
  15. rely on your intuition / your higher self / the universe to guide you – this is the only source that knows what is best for you (it remembers your life script and why you are here in the first place).
  16. stay hydrated – dehydration affects your mood, and the body needs water to work efficiently. 
  17. eat nutritious food – too much fast food, processed food, and refined carbs will lower your energy and can lead to fatigue and a crappy mood (among other things). fruit and vegetables vibrate at a higher frequency than meat and fish – aim for 10 portions a day. 
  18. choose less over more – only keep what / who gives you energy and what / who serves a purpose for you. 
  19. remember to get enough rest to allow yourself to recharge – when you run low on energy, you do not only get moody, but you attract more low-vibrational situations into your life. if necessary, take time to do nothing. 
  20. embrace slow living – stress is not good for you ! 
  21. meditate – to still the mind, better connect with your intuition, and enhance self-awareness.


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