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I’ve realised I’m mentioning the law of attraction a lot in my posts. but it’s also a law that affects us every minute of the day, even if we are not aware of it. if more of us were aware, I believe we would all be a lot happier cause we would understand that we create our own happiness. rather than it being something we have to look for in the outside world or given to us by an external force. thanks to the law of attraction + our free will,

we each have the power to create any life we want. 

this is something we already do, but most often unconsciously. every thought / belief / emotion we have plants a seed of what we will receive in life. unfortunately, many of us are not aware of our powers + tend to focus too much on the negative side of things. maybe out of habit. maybe cause our friends + families do, so it seems like the natural thing for us to do as well. or perhaps just because we don’t know any better. 

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the law of attraction tells us that we will receive whatever we focus on. so if we focus on the negative, e.g. spend time complaining / gossiping / feeling sorry for ourselves, we vibrate at a lower frequency + attract more negativity. we are not able to create our dream life when we’re in this state. if we want to attract amazingness in life, we have to shift our thoughts / beliefs / emotions into something positive; we have to raise our vibration

reciting positive affirmations is one way of doing this. when we recite positive affirmations, we choose to create our own lives consciously.

having the intention of staying positive / mindful / open-minded is often not enough to change things around. even if our conscious mind wants what’s best for us, our subconscious mind might disagree. maybe we hold negative thought patterns from our childhood (or even past lives). if we are not aware, we continue to hold on to these, and they dictate how we live our lives today. 

when we recite affirmations, we take charge of our own lives by overwriting our subconscious beliefs. this makes it easier for us to create the life we want, rather than seeing ourselves as victims. 
when you use affirmations to change your life positively, you acknowledge that you have power. you have the power to create any life you want for yourself. you choose what you want to attract + what you don’t want in your life. 

it might seem hard + unnatural at first. still, if you train yourself to focus on the positive + on what you want, it will get easier + easier. eventually, you will feel more + more uplifted about the possibilities of what you can have in life. this will motivate you to stay on course + manifest more goodness for yourself.

mindfulness is a practice that can assist you in accepting what is happening in your life in a non-judgemental way. mindfulness makes it easier to let go of negative thought patterns.



affirmations are anything we tell ourselves,
whether we think it or say it out loud.



when reciting positive affirmations, we consciously utilise the law of attraction to give us what we want. whatever we focus on, we will receive. positive thoughts send more goodness our way. but if we deep down don’t feel like we deserve it, this feeling will take over the manifesting process, and we won’t receive what we want. 

making yourself feel as the wish is already here is a way of manifesting it quicker. if you want to attract love, do things that make you feel loved / spend time with people who make you feel loved – anything to activate a feeling of love from within. if you want to heal, imagine how you would spend your days once you heal. how will this feel like ? if being healed means being free + unlimited, find ways to feel free + unlimited now. 

all you have to do is recite the affirmation, make yourself feel as the affirmation has already come true. in this process, you utilise your thoughts + emotions, and you believe that the wish / affirmation is already here.
what you don’t have to do, is figuring out how this is going to happen. that is entirely the responsibility of the law of attraction. trust that whatever you focus on, you will receive. 



if you only say the affirmation once a day + then spend the rest of the day caught up with negative thoughts, the affirmation will not have any effect. 

say it out loud or think it as many times a day as you can.

in the beginning, you can write it down on sticky notes + place the notes strategically in places you spend your time (in the bathroom / kitchen / your car / at your desk etc.). it’s always harder to start a new routine; the sticky notes will remind you to get going. after a while, it will come naturally to recite affirmations several times a day. 



Louise Hay was one of the pioneers in teaching people to use positive affirmations to improve their relationships with themselves. she states that “the most powerful affirmations are those you say out loud when you are in front of a mirror, looking deeply into your eyes.”

though this is a powerful method, we can recite affirmations anywhere + at anytime. while getting dressed / cleaning your home / driving / walking from A to B etc.
in these face mask days, I’ve even recited affirmations while running errands. as long as I don’t speak too loudly, I’m not worried about others looking at me strangely. if they were to confront me, I would probably just say that I’m reciting affirmations. then they can wonder all they like. 



we can easily create our own affirmations by making statements about ourselves in the present tense. start with “I am …” / “I have …” or something similar. in the present tense, we signify that we already have what we are requesting + we are “tricking” the universe to give it to us.  
if we instead start our affirmation with “I’m attracting …” we are saying that we have yet not received it, which also means we never will. 

if you need inspiration, it’s hard not to come across affirmations on social media.  

here are some of my favourite influencers :

forever conscious : Tanaaz includes affirmations in her astrological forecasts. if you want to take advantage of the current astrological energy to make changes in your life, this is a very inspirational instagram account.

Jess, from live the life your love creates meditation-videos containing both “I am” + “you are” affirmations. you listen to these meditations while you sleep to rewrite your subconscious mind. there are videos available about almost anything you would like to improve about yourself or in your life. e.g. overcome fear / total abundance / clear skin / self-love + gratitude / forgive yourself. I bet you could even grab some of the affirmations from these videos + recite them throughout the day.

Louise Hay : you can get daily affirmations on her website + even more on instagram. she has also written several books on the topics. her first one, Heal your bodyfocuses on how our thought patterns are linked to our physical health + how to use affirmation to change our attitude to life + then heal ourselves. 


for more inspiration, check my pinterest-board :

my affirmation section from pinterest



here are some examples of shorter affirmations, but affirmations can also consist of several sentences.
for instance, lately, I’ve been struggling with my energy level + a tired brain, so I’ve been saying, “I have a clear mind; I’m full of energy; I can do anything I set my mind to.”

I am grateful. 
I am grateful for my life.
I am grateful for today. 

I am love.
I love + accept myself.
I am filled with love.

I am whole.
I am abundant.
I have enough; I am enough.

I recognise my inner power.
I am brave + strong.
I can do anything I set my mind to.

I am safe + secure within myself. 
I have inner strength.
I allow myself to feel guided + supported. 

I am free to express myself. 
I speak my truth.
I believe in myself. 

I trust my intuition + inner guidance.
I am connected to the wisdom of the universe.

I am at peace + I feel the love wherever I go.
I embrace joy every day. 

I let go of the past.
I embrace the present moment fully.
I am open-minded + I welcome change. 


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