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I’m not necessarily talking about your ego’s needs here. however, you are more than welcome to try these steps to attract a new car, a partner, or more money into your life. in doing so, I would advise you to be open-minded. often our ego wants one thing (usually, the easy way out), and our true self want something completely different (to serve a deeper purpose). maybe the correct definition is that 

our ego wants something, but our true self
is more interested in what we need in order to feel fulfilled in life. 


our ego may think more money is what we need to be happy cause this will allow us to buy whatever we want. but our soul is craving more. we’re all on a spiritual journey. what we own, how much money we have, and our job title won’t matter in the end. 

even if you’re a spiritual person who already understands this + lives by the laws of the universe, you can experience getting lost + feeling stuck. I know, cause I’ve been there. 


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I was 12 when I had my spiritual awakening. suddenly life seemed dark, and I started asking questions like “why is this happening to me ?” and “I’m a good person; why do I deserve this ?”. I don’t remember how long it took before the answers came to me. but I realised there was a deeper meaning with my life. I was on a spiritual path – I had lessons to learn, including karma to work out, because reincarnation exists. in other words, what I was going through was part of a bigger plan.

over the years, I became more + more interested in the spiritual aspect of life, but that doesn’t mean I was good at balancing my external life with the spiritual. let me explain. since I was 10 or 11, I wanted to become an architect. regardless of what obstacles I met on my journey to fulfil this dream, I just kept fighting. today I’m wondering if these obstacles were just my higher self telling me this was the wrong path for me. as stubborn + persistent as I was, back then, I saw any obstacle as a test. I imagined the universe was asking me, “do you really want this ?” and “how badly do you want it ?”. it occurred to me just this moment, while I’m writing this, that it was probably my ego running the show all along. 

let’s make the story short. 5 months before graduating, I suffered from stress. I hit the wall. I experienced the exhaustion phase of stress. my life force was completely drained. this was when it finally hit me that I was probably on the wrong track. why else would I experience this ? if only I had continued asking those crucial questions that I did at age 12 to guide me through life rather than blindly following my ego’s goal. but hey, life is a learning curve. I’m still (relatively) young, I can use this experience to my advantage ! 

if I only knew how ! while recovering, I kept asking myself, “what now ?”. being used to a living on the fast track, I wanted answers quickly, but everything was blank. I knew the answers would come to me when I was ready. in the meantime, I realised I was craving peace + quiet. I wanted more time to do what I felt like doing, rather than blindly following a to-do list + other people’s orders. basically, I wanted the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do (preferably whenever I wanted to). meaning, regardless of what job I ended up in, I only wanted to work part-time. after everything I had been through, I needed my life-work balance. all in all, I wanted to be free. surely I had deserved it ?

9 years later + after another seemingly wrong turn in my life, that’s still all I know. what to do for a living + be happy doing it’s another question. but I’m not discouraged cause I have lots of joy in my life. what I have realised is that 

bringing joy into our lives is the secret to life.
when joy is present, anything can happen. 


here are 5 principles I’ve picked up along the way that I practice daily to invite joy into my life + to attract what I need to live a fulfilling life. 




everything is energy.
match the frequency of the reality you want +
you cannot help but get that reality.


these days I’m making sure I’m spending most of my time doing something I enjoy. not only to make myself feel good + to compensate for all those years I was stressing around on autopilot, but to set an intention.

we will always attract more of what we focus on. when we spend our time doing things that make us feel good, the law of attraction ensures more goodness enters our lives. if I spend my time doing things that make me feel free, the universe will understand that this is what I want + send me more opportunities to be free. 

in other words, if you want a dream to come true or the universe to guide you in the right direction (yes, please !), all you have to do is set an intention. focus less on what you want + more on how you want this to make you feel. if you desire to travel the world, what do you hope this experience will make you feel ? joy / freedom / curiosity ? then find ways to feel this way already today. what makes you feel joy ? when do you experience freedom, and what makes you curious ? spend more time in these environments. 


you can read more about how to manifest your dreams here


if you don’t quite know what you want in life, still focus on what you want to feel. or you could try one (or both) of these meditations; they have given me insights into things I didn’t know I wanted :

  1. Shannon Kaiser’s Future Field Trip Meditation on Spotify
  2. Live The Life You Love : New Moon Meditation on YouTube




in E squared, Pam Grout explains how the brain was never designed to solve problems. she says the conscious mind is only designed for two things : to identify problems + formulate goals. so all we should let our brain do is 1. define a problem, 2. set an intention, 3. get out of the way.

when you let go of control, you stop trying to figure out everything inside your little head. instead, you let the universe guide you to your true path. 

when you get out of the way, you allow yourself to relax + enjoy life more. and with enjoying life, I mean focusing on making yourself feel those amazing feelings as often as possible. when you stop letting your brain run the show, you slow down the pace of life + create more peace for yourself.

not only is this good for your wellbeing, but it also opens up to divine intervention. you notice more answers coming to you unexpectedly. experiencing constant inspiration, epiphanies, and synchronicities becomes the new normal for you.




these interventions are just your higher self giving you a helping hand. your higher self remembers your mission in this lifetime + therefore knows what is best for you. it tries to communicate this by giving you messages – e.g. inspiration, epiphanies, and synchronicities. your higher self desperately wants you to find your true path. 

acting on these interventions is a way for you to say that you value the guidance you receive. in the process, you also experience a boost of energy. you feel so full of life; you just have to do something about it. this impulse is just another hint you’re on the right track. following these hunches will give you what you most need in life. this is not necessarily what your ego wants, but what your true self needs in order to live a more fulfilling life. 

I always keep a notebook close by to write down whatever inspiration comes to me (when I’m out + about, I just use an app on my phone). it’s impossible to act out every epiphany the moment it arrives. writing things down for later is a good way to free up space in our brains to allow more inspiration to come our way. to make it easier for me to act on these ideas, I’m a big fan of sticky notes. I sort my ideas into categories by wallpapering my walls with these notes. 




when you say yes to divine help, you express gratitude. thanks to the law of attraction, you will receive more of the same. before you know it, more epiphanies will pop up in your head, and you be on your way to live the most amazing life. 

this way, practising gratitude is another way of setting intentions to tell the universe that we want more of something. when we practise gratitude, we focus on what we have rather than what we don’t. we get into the habit of focusing on the positive in our lives, and by doing so, we raise our vibration. we make ourselves feel better and motivated to make the most of every situation coming our way.

I encourage you to spend some time every evening reflecting on your day.

write down the 3 most precious experiences that happened today.

the following days, try to come up with 3 new things. this way, you always find something new to be grateful for + you lift yourself higher + higher.




when I experienced stress, I learned the hard way how important it is to take care of yourself. our bodies crave balance, so we also need to remember to take time to recharge + enjoy ourselves. depending on where we are in life + what we have been through, I think we should aim to spend at least 2/3 of our time doing things we love. the remaining 1/3 we can allocate to boring chores + deadlines at work. 

when we spend most of our time on activities that give us energy (plus activities), something magical happens. we create an excess of energy that makes it easier to get through the harder tasks. we’re still in bliss from enjoying ourselves to notice how boring vacuuming truly is. we have managed to raise our vibration. every time we lift ourselves just a tiny bit higher, we make it possible to attract even more magic into our lives. 

realising this was quite an epiphany for me. I used to be a very task-oriented person who was living in my head. now I make sure I listen to my heart before doing anything. if I’m dreading an upcoming event, I spend lots of time upfront doing what I love. this can be indulging in my hobbies or interests or spending time on self-care; anything that will lift me higher + make me feel good. in return, I have more energy to deal with the event. the result ends up being better, and I feel more energised afterwards than if I had chosen not to prepare myself.   




if you, too, ever feel frustrated about life, stuck or bored, the solution is simpler than you think. learn to slow down + enjoy yourself in the moment. the future hasn’t happened yet, but what intentions you set in this moment affects how your future will unfold. 


so make sure to bring lots of joy into your life +
focus on what you want. 


not only will this lead you to your true path, but you will have fun getting there.


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