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feeling a bit lost in life lately, I typically turn to books or the internet to find clues about my true purpose in life. one thing is that we are all on a spiritual journey; we have lessons to learn to grow as souls. but we also chose planet earth as our destination for this, though we could have chosen any other dimension. meaning we get a physical body and have to make a living for ourselves to survive.
on top of this, we all have dreams and desires of what we want to do while we are here. all these aspects may pull us in different directions, making it easy to feel lost at times.
then when other people and society also start interfering with how we should live our lives, how easy is it not to feel overwhelmed ? at least, that’s what’s happened to me recently. when I finally seem to have learned to listen to my heart rather than my ego, external circumstances seem to want a piece of me as well. when will I get peace ?

I honestly believe we all have an obligation to follow our dreams. having an urge like this in the first place is just our higher selves / the universe communicating with us, guiding us to our true path. if we don’t follow it, we will feel unfulfilled – life will seem empty.

I know I will get where I need to be (and make money doing it) by just taking one step at a time and following my instincts. and by following my instincts, I mean by focusing on what makes me feel good every step of the way.

the universe doesn’t want us to be in pain;
this is just something we do to ourselves by not following our true self.

we’re all on a mission in life, and we will all do our best job when we feel our best. from this position, we can take on everything and make a difference both for ourselves, others, and the planet as a whole.

another part of me is somewhat restless, uncomfortable with the unknown. one part of me can accept that it’s just the way of the universe to reveal one step at a time and that I probably also have lessons to learn here. the other part of me wants answers now !

this is where I choose to find help externally. here are 10 tools I’ve had fun exploring. maybe you’ll get curious about a couple of them yourself and, in the process, step a bit closer to your true purpose.



the most direct way to get help is by asking for it. in addition to our higher self / the universe, our spirit guides and angels are always available to us; we just need to ask. it can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths to centre yourself, think about your intention, then ask out loud or silently to yourself. always end with a “thank you”. you are asking on behalf of your true self, not your ego, so don’t get caught up in when and how the answer will come. just surrender the result to the universe and trust that everything will unfold in the most perfect way. 

another way to tap into your intuition and the messages of your higher self / the universe / source energy is through automatic writing



a simpler way to tap into your true purpose is to let your subconscious listen to this find your purpose & get rich meditation from Live The Life You Love while you sleep. 



astrologically, the north node of the moon indicates what we should focus on in this lifetime, based on what lessons we have learned and skills we have mastered in the past. our past is revealed by the moon’s south node and is always in the opposite sign and house as the north node. if you feel a bit off track in life, it can be because you are still living your life according to your south node. according to Jan Spiller in the book astrology for the soul, the south node “depicts an aspect in our character that has been overemphasised in past lives, and thus tends to take over the personality in this lifetime”. 

once you start living according to your north node, it will be easier for you to go with the flow – you will experience less stress, and life will seem less threatening. 



the enneagram is one of the most popular systems for self-understanding and can be used as a tool for personal transformation and development. among other things, the enneagram shows how you can discover your deepest direction in life. 

you can take tests online to figure out your type. personally, I rely more on the book by Riso and Hudson. as a type seven, I behave more like a type one when under stress. since this state has been a norm for me most of my life, online tests always tell me I’m a type one. when I read about type seven in the book, I feel more “at home”. 



why not let the numbers in our lives guide us to our true path ? according to Felicia Bender, “The Life Path number is a key to understanding your life’s purpose, innate tendencies and talents, and the obstacles you’ll face as you continue to master the lessons to be learned.”

Your Birthday Number indicates a secondary lesson you’re here to experience and master.” and it’s “like a gift that you have to give – both to yourself and to the world.”



according to lovebyluna, the moon phase you were born under can reveal a lot about your major purpose in life – it holds a specific spiritual significance and influence. 

ouiwegirl explains how “the moon phase you were born under can influence your personality and indicate predominant life themes.”



the incredible Shannon Kaiser is on a mission to help us realise our dreams. here’s a quiz to figure out how to become who you’re meant to be.



in her book archetypes – a beginner’s guide to your inner-net, Caroline Myss’ describes how archetypes are universal patterns of behaviour that help you better understand yourself and your place in the world. she says that knowing your archetype can transform your life – and that’s precisely what we want, right, especially when we feel lost ?

you can test yourself right here to not only find your dominant archetypes but to find your superpower, discover what unique challenge life will bring you, what lesson you have to learn in life and several other characteristics.



I just recently started using crystals myself and have only researched what crystals to use to find our life purpose. I’ve learned so far that there are crystals to help clear mental clutter, find clarity, discover and strengthen your intuition, and crystals that can offer their powers to point us in the right direction



sometimes we might just be overthinking life – living in our heads rather than our hearts. when you spend time doing what you love, follow your bliss, do what makes you feel alive, let your heart guide you, and embrace love rather than fear, basically anything that makes you feel uplifted, motivated and energised; it’s a sure sign you’re on the right path. 




I’m curious to hear how you find your way back when feeling lost – what is your go-to source to turn on the spark again ?
let me know below.



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