karma is sanskrit for action.
it is the universal law of cause + effect. it tells us that everything that’s ever set in motion will eventually have a reaction. or in more newtonian words : “every action has an equal + opposite reaction”.

karma can be seen as the result of how we have used our free will in the past.

everything we say / think / feel / do create a karmic impact. this is also the case in the present moment – we are creating karma right now. our decisions at this moment will have consequences – it’s up to us whether we want these to be positive or negative.

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karma is neutral, though we often think of our actions as having a positive or negative effect.
karma shows us where balance is needed. to learn our lessons + to grow, we need to have experienced both sides of a story. if we have once been a perpetrator, we also need to take on the role of the victim. this is not meant as a punishment – only as a necessary step on our spiritual journey towards a higher level of consciousness.



before we start this life, we decide what karma we want to deal with in this lifetime. past karma is the big things happening to us in life – all the people / situations / challenges we meet. 

free will is how we chose to deal with these events. 

if we choose to approach life with a positive attitude, we also decide to take responsibility for our karma. we are more likely to fulfil our destiny – our purpose in life. 

with a negative attitude, we are more likely to change our destiny – in both this life + future ones. if we don’t take responsibility for our karma this time around, we will only have to face the same lessons again + again until we finally learn them. then we can move on. 

in same soul, many bodies, Dr Brian Weiss describes the different lessons we (as souls) are supposed to learn while in a physical body. when it comes to free will + destiny, he writes that “free choices that are not correct could carry us away from our destiny, delaying our spiritual progress and complicating our lives.”

basically, we are only making it harder for ourselves by not dealing with our karma (the challenges we meet in life) constructively.



if we tend to feel victimised in life, it might be because we have too many heavy consequences on our plate. I believe we all have chosen to deal with some negative karma in this lifetime, but some have taken on more. if we keep postponing our negative karma – eventually, we want to catch up. 

maybe we are even creating a snowball effect for ourselves in this life. rather than accepting that there is a deeper meaning behind what is happening to us + dealing with it positively, we let our ego get in the way. we feel victimised / feel sorry for ourselves / blame others. when the snowball gets too big, we feel too overwhelmed to deal with it all, so we want to escape + ignore what is happening.

we always have the power to change our destiny. the law of attraction tells us that what we focus on, we will attract. if we change our thoughts / intentions / actions right now, we change our future. 
to improve our karma, all we have to do is embrace change + adopt a positive mindset. if we focus on acting from a place of love, we set positive / loving energy in motion. this will not only manifest more love in this life but positively affect our future karma.  



another way to ease our karmic burdens is to let go of karma.
instead of holding grudges toward others, it’s better to forgive + let go. understand that the other person probably acted the way they did because of past karma. you treated someone the same way in the past + you now need to be confronted with this lesson.

at the same time, they may have acted in the best way they saw possible. we are all on different levels of consciousness, so we can’t expect everyone to see things from our point of view + act the way we would have acted. having these types of expectations is just a way of creating negative karma for ourselves. it’s better to forgive + let go. 

we forgive to let go of karma that is holding us down.
forgiveness is not about facing the other person + telling them it was ok for them to treat us the way they did. if they acted immorally, they will have to pay the consequences regardless of whether we (or anyone else) are confronting them or not.
the purpose of forgiveness is to lighten our own journey.

when letting go, we want to make sure there are no negative emotions attached to the relationship or situation whatsoever. no hate / anger / revenge. only empathy / compassion / love. being able to put ourselves in other people’s situations + understand that we have been there too makes it easier to let go.  

sometimes we might be doing our best to deal with karma involving another person. still, the other person is unwilling to learn + grow. if you have done all you can, you are free to let go without creating any karmic consequences.



here are some examples of when karma is involved in your life. 

you are working on karma when :

  • you seem to constantly attract people who trigger you the same way
  • you keep finding yourself in the same challenging situations
  • you experience any type of discrimination

you are cashing in karma when :

  • you consider yourself lucky
  • you are winning stuff
  • people are being generous with you

you might be avoiding karma when :

  • you experience a wake-up call (an illness / an accident / a stressful event etc.) – a sign that you’re currently on the wrong track in life 
  • you feel bored – a sign that you’re not utilising your full potential. you were meant for greater things – maybe you haven’t found your true purpose yet ?



understanding the concepts of karma can be the secret behind understanding your own life. 
use this knowledge to change your destiny + live a more fulfilling life !

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