it wasn’t until my mid 30’s I realised I was a highly sensitive person (an HSP) – or that such a term existed. a lot of things suddenly fell into place + it gave me a new way of navigating life.

HSPs feel things a lot deeper + are therefore sensitive to ugliness, giving us a high standard of how to treat other people. if someone understands the phrase, treat others the way you want to be treated, it’s probably HSPs. 

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rather than seeing my sensitivity as a weakness, I’ve always been quite critical of insensitive + inconsiderate people. as HSPs, we don’t really get this behaviour. what do we have to gain by treating other people (or the planet) like sh*t ? 

we are all on different levels of consciousness, so I guess we can’t expect everyone to see the world from the same perspective. after all, life is a process.
but I truly believe that one purpose of the sensitives is to inspire others / to lead the way / to be the change. and that this is one reason some people choose to come into life as an HSP. 



I believe being an HSP is just another role we have chosen to play in this life. just like we decided to be born male or female / black or white / rich or poor, we all choose the roles that will make it easiest for us to fulfil our purpose in life. we will never choose a role we can’t handle. 

for instance, HSPs need for downtime could suggest that we are supposed to approach a slower pace in life. by focusing on quality experiences rather than quality, we will grow into the person we are supposed to be. 

with any role comes superpowers. embracing these superpowers rather than feeling ashamed of them / ignoring them / being afraid of them will lead us one step closer to fulfilling our purpose. 



HSP is a term coined by Elaine N. Aron in her book the highly sensitive person. here she writes that HSPs are here to be “among the advisors + thinkers, the spiritual + moral leaders of your society. since we tend to think so deeply about things + have a high moral, this might indicate we are older souls. our compassionate + helpful nature could be a sign we are here to inspire others to raise their vibration so all of humankind rise to a higher level of consciousness.



our sensitivity to cruelness could be a karmic lesson – what we reap, we sow. we feel emotions more intensely now because of the pain we caused others in past lives. karma is not about punishment but about creating balance so we can grow / expand / raise to a higher level of consciousness. to create balance, we need to have experienced both sides of a situation. if we have once been a perpetrator, we also need to experience being the victim. 

maybe we caused so much pain in the past that choosing to have heightened sensitivity in this lifetime seemed like the most effective option to work out that karma. or we have ignored to deal with our negative karma for many lifetimes + realised it was time to catch up.  

or this could be the last resort ? it usually takes humans several tries before we learn a lesson. maybe we have been through the same lesson so many times + we never seemed to get it right. being an HSP is just a way to force ourselves to give it a last shot + do it properly.  



humankind is on a constant mission to evolve, to rise to a higher level of consciousness. if all people had a warrior attitude, we would probably just wipe ourselves out. the world needs balance; that’s why 15-20% of the population chose to be HSPs in this lifetime. 

though, you don’t have to be an HSP to be a considerate person; making sure some people are born with this trait is one way to give the message that high-vibrational emotions like love / peace / harmony are important for our evolvement. 

by just being ourselves + embracing our superpowers, HSPs will inspire the rest of the world to act from their hearts. in the process, we will all raise our vibration. 



the traits you have as an HSP will help you fulfil your purpose in life. the same way as being a female will teach you something that you wouldn’t have learned if you had chosen to be a man in this lifetime. or being black will give you challenges to grow differently than if you decided to be white. and so on. 


BEING A SOFTER PERSON (considerate / loving / caring) brings more peace / love / understanding to the world (this is just the law of attraction at work).

NEEDING LESS TO FEEL AT YOUR BEST makes you grateful for what you truly have. being grateful immediately raises our vibration.

BEING A DEEP THINKER + UNDERSTANDING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE creates sustainable solutions for everyone.

BEING CONSCIENTIOUS + TAKING YOUR TIME means doing things properly + thinking things through, which gives you a high standard.

NEEDING TIME ALONE means indulging in self-care, which gives you more energy + compassion when dealing with other people.

GOING DEEPER makes us embrace life more fully (we accept obstacles as learning curves).

YOUR INTUITION can be of help both to yourself + others; HSPs are often the first to see what needs to be done.


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