we are all powerful enough to manifest our own (dream) lives.
whether you are aware of it or not, you are creating your life right now.
in fact, every moment you are awake, you are creating.

our attitudes
belief systems
are dictating what we get in life.

the law of attraction tells us,
that what we focus on we attract. 

it’s up to you what you want those things to be.

how amazing wouldn’t it be if we all used this knowledge to our advantage ?

unfortunately, most of us are not aware that we possess these powers,
so rather than focusing on what we want,
we spend lots of time focusing on what we don’t want. 

this is waste of great potential.

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thoughts / emotions / beliefs are energy (just like you + I) vibrating at different frequencies.
positive thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency than negative thoughts. 
we always attract whatever is vibrating at the same frequency as ourselves. 

basically, if we focus on positivity, we bring more high vibrational emotions (like happiness / love / harmony / peace) into our lives.
if we focus on negativity, we attract more low vibrational energy (e.g. fear / anger / hate). 

we all have free will, so it’s entirely up to us whether we want to live our lives from an optimistic or a pessimistic perspective.

if we want to change our lives for the better, we have to change our energy. we need to find ways to raise our vibration

everything is energy.
match the frequency of the reality you want +
you cannot help but get that reality.




happiness is an inside job, something we create within, not something we magically find in the external world. so you have to take the time to go inwards, to distract yourself from external matters. 

in becoming supernatural, Dr Joe Dispenza talks about the effect of lowering our brain waves to be in a better condition to manifest. 
when we’re in beta state, we focus most of our attention on the external world. we’re in this state when we think + analyse.
in alpha state, our focus is mainly on our inner world. this is the state where we daydream + imagine.
we can lower our brain waves through meditation.

when you go within to create happiness, you take responsibility for yourself. you take charge of your life rather than letting life happen to you. you act as the creator of your life, not as a victim.

you raise your awareness + following, bring opportunities into your life.



to get what we want in life, we need to become more aware of what we are thinking.

we do this best when we slow the mind down, so we have quality thoughts rather than a whole bunch of random thoughts. practising mindfulness + meditation can help us achieve this. 
when we go inward, we create space to think about how we’re thinking. this is important so we can change our thinking to reflect more accurately on what we want to attract in life.

if we’re not aware, we will continue to attract more of what we don’t want. we become a victim + let life happen to us. that is not a very constructive use of our free will.  



if we want to attract amazingness in life, we need to raise our vibration. we need to focus on the positive. 

one way to do this is to get into the routine of being grateful
when we’re thankful, we become aware of all the great things we already have in life. we lift ourselves higher + are more reluctant to choose a positive outlook on life.  

another way to focus on the positive is to spend time doing what we love. if we spend more time on activities that GIVE us energy (plus activities) than on draining activities, we will constantly lift ourselves higher.

with a positive mindset, we are eager to embrace life / indulge in it / be curious + adventurous / make the most of it while we’re still here.
in the process, we attract more amazingness.

on the other hand, if we choose to live in fear, we will only bring ourselves lower. and then attract more low vibrational energy. 

in her book, the universe has your back, Gabrielle Bernstein encourages us to turn to love rather than fear. she mentions that we experience fear in the first place because we don’t rely on the universe to guide us.

we owe it to ourselves to do what we can to create a positive / happy / abundant life. deep down inside, this is what we are all craving. and it’s not without reason. to enjoy life fully + to make the most of it, we need high vibrational energy in our lives.



sometimes, it can be more challenging to focus on the positive. 
especially if you’re a highly sensitive person (an HSP) or an empath. if you easily absorb other people’s emotions, it takes a lot more work to stay calm + centred. and if these emotions happen to be negative, it can get harder to adopt a positive attitude. 

one thing is to use visualisations to protect our energy or learn to transmute it, so this won’t happen in the first place.
but before we get there, if the negativity gets too overwhelming, it can be beneficial to remove ourselves from that negativity (zero activities) until we’re in a better place – energetically. 

once we have managed to create a safer haven for ourselves, we can use tools like meditation / mantas / affirmations to lift ourselves higher. 
using these tools while being bombarded with low vibrational energy will not have a very sustainable effect. we will only manage to lift ourselves a tiny bit before being pulled down again. 



in E squared, Pam Grout explains how the brain was never designed to solve problems. she says the conscious mind is only designed for two things : to identify problems + formulate goals.

so what we should let our brain do is :

  1. define a problem
  2. set an intention
  3. then get out of the way

it’s not our brain’s job to find solutions / to guide us / to get involved. 
many of us will feel tempted to weigh the pros + cons to make a decision or jump to a conclusion. 

when we set an intention + act accordingly (make sure that our energy matches the energy of that intention / dream), the universe will take care of the rest. all we have to do is trust the universe. this is what we do when we get out of the way.

since everything is energy, the universe will provide us with whatever is vibrating at the same frequency as our intention. as long as we stay on that frequency, we will get what we want.



when we truly believe something, we attract this into our lives.
if you want to manifest something incredible, make sure you’re tuned in to the right energy.

here’s a step by step guide of how to do that :


get clear on what you want. be specific + focus on one thing at a time.


basically, dream + fantasise about it as much as you can. our brains + bodies cannot distinguish between what is actually happening in our lives + what we are only imagining. we should use this to our advantage.  

3. FEEL IT :

we have to align our emotions to what we want. we do this by making ourselves feel as the wish has already come true. we basically need to imagine how amazing it will feel once it is here + find ways to make ourselves feel that incredible feeling every day. to make the experience as realistic as possible, we should include all of our senses.  


for our wish to come true, we truly have to believe in it. 

5. LIVE IT :

start taking tiny steps towards your dream. spend every day pretending that your dream is already here. what would you do ? how would you act any differently than now ?


continue to visualise / feel it / believe it / live it until your wish comes true. it can take hours / days / months / years, but the trick is not to give up. if you get impatient, know there is a reason why some wishes take longer than others to manifest (see below). 


what you think, you become,
what you feel, you attract,
what you imagine, you create.




if you want to attract romantic love into your life, you have to spend as much time as possible imagining already being in this relationship. 
while imagining, you have to make yourself feel the way you wish to feel when spending time with this person (if you want to feel loved, do things that make you feel loved). include all your senses. what will it smell like / taste like ? what will you hear ? 
when you do all of this, make sure to believe it. believe this dream is already happening. understand that you deserve it. if you genuinely believe it, your brain thinks it’s already happening. and the universe will bring it to you. 
you also have to live your life like your romantic partner is already here. imagine having him / her right next to you in everything you do. make space for this person in your home / life. 



because you want something right now, it doesn’t mean the universe is ready to give it to you. or that you will get it at all. 
here are some reasons why :


if you’re impatient, it probably only means you are acting from your ego’s point of view instead of from the awareness of your higher self. 
the universe will always listen to your higher self / the higher good of all, not your ego.


what you want may not be available to you right now. let’s say you want to manifest your dream partner. maybe he / she is currently occupied in another relationship + not quite ready to move on. the universe sets out to ‘move mountains’ to grant your wish, which could take some time.


we are all on a spiritual journey. before we even started this life, we created a life script for ourselves. among other things, we decided what challenges to face. we can’t manifest ourselves out of these challenges. they will always be there until we have learned our lessons. 


you spend all this time imagining + pretending upfront to rewrite old subconscious thoughts. if your conscious mind + subconscious mind are sending out two different intentions, your wish won’t come true. your brain starts creating new neural pathways to adjust to your new reality to ensure your wish will manifest. this, too, can take some time.


if something hasn’t happened, 
it’s not because it can’t happen or won’t,
it just hasn’t happened yet.




be patient + believe in yourself !
because your dream doesn’t happen as soon as you (or your ego) want it to, there is no reason to give up believing.

it’s not a coincidence we have dreams in the first place. we want things to be better / we want to improve. in other words, we want things to rise to a higher level of consciousness, which is why we are here in the first place. 

I believe that having an urge to change our lives for the better is just our higher selves’ way of communicating with us, telling us the next step of our journey. giving us a hint as to what we should aim for next. 
working to manifest this dream only means we’re taking responsibility for our soul journey.




use affirmations to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. if you want to create your own, know they will have the best effect if you pretend it’s already so. for instance, recite “I am healthy + abundant” rather than “I want to attract health + abundance“.   



you could keep a  gratitude journal  to make yourself aware of all the great things you already have in life + to be thankful for what’s to come. usually, we are grateful for something after we have received it. when we are thankful upfront, we send the message that we have already received it. so the universe doesn’t have a choice in sending it to us.

a manifesting journal could help you keep your thoughts / emotions / beliefs on the right track. write stories about how your dream day / life would be + include your affirmations in the stories. 



meditation will allow you to change your internal state – to lower your brain waves (from beta to alpha + further to theta, which is deep states of meditation). Dr Joe Dispenza also talks about how embracing elevated emotions (like joy / happiness / gratitude) during meditation will raise our energy. 



when you visually remind yourself of your dream, it can be easier to connect to the correct emotions + lift yourself higher. check out my pinterest-board for more inspiration :

vision boards from pinterest



be aware /
set positive intentions /
believe in yourself !

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