when you do what you love, you lift yourself higher / you feel motivated + happy.
it raises your vibration, which makes you attract even more abundance + amazingness into life. it also gives you the energy to do whatever you want to do with your life.
just by learning to follow your heart more, you can create a wonderful life for yourself + in the process, be an inspiration to others.



do what you love means prioritising spending as much time as possible on plus activities activities that GIVE you energy / lift you higher. 
these are the activities that put a smile on your face + make you feel happy / they relax + soothe you / make you feel enthusiastic + alive. 
when you do what you love, your focus is on what you feel like doing, not what you think you should be doing. you focus on nourishing your heart, not letting your mind dictate your life. 



we need to understand that happiness is an inside job. something we can only provide for ourselves. not something we find externally or give to others.
when you do what you love, you constantly lift yourself higher. this is how you take responsibility for your energy + make yourself happy, instead of expecting external matters to provide this feeling for you.



to do this, you have to constantly listen within to know what you feel like doing right nowmindfulness can help you do this, or you can just ask your heart what it wants. 
mindfulness can also help you get in touch with your senses. the more we include our senses while doing something, the more we enjoy that specific activity. this will help boost our mood + energy level. 
we can’t become more aware of our senses without slowing down. when we slow down, we relax more. when relaxing, we are not using much energy, so we are saving it. this gives us more energy to spend on other activities, such as doing what we love.



when you learn to listen to your instincts + follow them, you also get better at setting boundaries. you understand that your wellbeing is important for you to live your fullest life. 
if you often feel low, you want to do what you can to prevent this from happening again + again. but that doesn’t mean you should forget where you came from. your past experiences made you realise what your preferences + values are. they made you aware of what you were missing + what you need to feel happy / alive / live the life you’re dreaming of. your past made you aim for something better. and, as the law of attraction demands, what you focus on, you shall attract



whenever you do what you love, you feel good + you want to remind yourself of this as often as possible. this way, you feel compelled to go back to that activity again + again + in the process, lift yourself even higher. 
you also want to have something to look forward to, especially when you’re in the middle of doing less desirable activities. when you have something to look forward to, you also feel more encouraged to get through darker moments. 
the brain can’t tell the difference between what is actually going on in our lives + what we are just imagining. looking forward to doing something you love will release feel-good hormones, regardless + make you feel fantastic.
having something to look forward to also enhances the entire experience. it makes it last longer, making it more enjoyable, meaning we will lift ourselves higher for longer.  



the more often you do what you love, the more you are filling your energy tank. with all this extra energy + willpower, you feel like you can take on anything – it’s like having superpowers. the lower you found yourself before this moment, the more amazing you will feel now.
you suddenly find it easier to deal with any less desirable activities – both minus + zero activities + any negative karma that’s part of your life journey. and you feel invincible when it comes to realising your wildest dreams.



I encourage you to get an overview of what you love doing.
this can serve as a reminder for when you’re feeling a little bit low + want something to lift you. but it is also a great mood booster knowing how many things you actually love spending time on.

there are high-energy activities that get your pulse going. these can be good for you whenever your energy tank is fuller + you want to blow off some steam.
then there are low-energy activities that are more soothing for when you feel the need to unwind + take it slow. 

you can also choose to do things alone or with others. 

when coming up with activities you love, try sorting them accordingly. you can make a cross on a piece of paper, dividing it into 4 sections (see image below). 
if there are activities, you sometimes feel like doing alone + at other times with someone, just put them in both sections.

diagram showing high-energy and low-energy activities
get an overview of what you love spending your time on + what makes you feel good. then sort the activities accordingly. when you feel low + need to pick yourself up, choose an activity according to both your energy level + whether you want to spend time alone or not.


here are some questions to get you started :

  • what are you currently spending time on that lifts your spirit ?
  • what are you truly grateful for in life ?
  • are there activities from your past that could bring you joy today ?
  • or are there things you always wanted to try but never got around to ?
    it’s not a coincidence that you had this urge in the first place.
    get out there + try those things + see what it feels like !


don’t forget about the smaller / simpler things. they can often put a smile on our faces + lift our spirit just by us getting aware of them. we tend to take so many things for granted, or we don’t notice them at all because we’re too busy being busy. mindfulness  can help us to slow down + become aware. 

look at how you already spend your days + see how you can learn to enjoy every moment a bit more. e.g. when going for a walk / preparing food / having a bath / playing with your pets or children / travelling from a to b.
keeping a gratitude journal is also a way of better noticing these smaller things + immediately boost your mood.




we are here both to enjoy life + to fulfil a life mission. the fuller our energy tank is, the easier this is.

when you do what you love, you boost your energy + make yourself feel uplifted. not only do you feel better about yourself, but you feel so invigorated that you can take on anything. you enjoy your everyday life + can also effortlessly deal with your spiritual journey.
and if what you want is not already in your life, you can easily attract it with your positive attitude.

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