looking back, it seems clear I’m meant to work with energy in this lifetime in one way or another.

I’ve felt exhausted + low on energy most of my life.

experiencing both stress / burnout / fatigue was the wake-up call I needed to start simplifying my life, to get to the core of what’s really important to me. 
luckily, this was also when I learned that I’m a highly sensitive person (later, I also realised I’m an empath), which put many things into perspective. 

if you sense energy more intensely, especially without even knowing, you get overwhelmed easily. if this goes on for too long, you end up feeling drained. since we will always attract whatever is vibrating at the same frequency as ourselves, it’s easy for us to sink even lower + stay there. 
it’s crucial we become alert + proactive, that we take action to lift ourselves higher. 

my experience is that sometimes we have to let go of distractions / negativity to get back on track in life or to find our path in the first place.
if we want to live the best life we can, we have to SIMPLIFY.

to me, simplifying means to let go of anything that no longer serves me. basically, anything that makes me feel like sh*t rather than lift me higher. 
regardless of whether this is belongings / people / a job / a place / certain foods, it has to go.

the goal is to enter a more peaceful place, from where we can lift ourselves higher.
so we can embrace life + attract amazingness.